Since 1996, I have been the Colorado dealer of the exquisite Miyazawa Flutes and Hammig Piccolos. Recently adding Haynes Flutes, the "Genesis of American Flutemaking" which is celebrating its 125th Anniversary. Haynes flutes is the choice for flute artists the world over.


I also offer a complete selection of Powell Flutes and Piccolos. Since their beginning in 1927 in Boston, they have also been the choice of many of the world's finest flutists.


The flutes I sell including Lyric, AzumiPowell-Sonare, Jupiter, and PB102 of 202 Miyazawa, Altus, Resona and Haynes Q Series, give the younger player a lifetime of success and the instrument to meet their goals.


The Custom flutes of Haynes, Altus, Miyazawa, and Powell give the advancing and experienced flutist the instrument in which to reach the heights of artistry.


I stock a compliment of headjoints (including 14k Gold) for each brand and will help you select the very best match to the instrument for you! Choosing a flute is one of the most important decisions for any musician. My flutes are from the worlds finest made and I have further customized each one for lasting performance.


*Please check out my selection of used flutes for sale!

If you're shopping for a headjoint I keep a selection in stock for you to try.


We carry Alto, Bass flutes and piccolos too!

You may come to try flutes in the shop or we can ship to you for a one week trial. Shipping is split between the customer and the shop.



When Perfection Matters