Flute Flags Take down: $ 40.00





Take Down Piccolo Flag: $35.00






Valentino Flute Wand: $28.00





BG Silk Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (large): $25.00




*NEW* Custom Microfiber Cleaning / Polishing Cloth


- Microfiber cloth pre-treated with non-abrasive anti tarnish: $10






100% Silk Flute Cleaning Swab: $12.00


100% Silk Piccolo Cleaning Swab: $6.50






Powell's Patented Silver finger plugs. $40.00




 Wood Flute Cleaning Rod: $11.00



        Cavallero French Flute Case

        Cover with Strap $67.95



        Cavallero French Flute Case

        Cover (no strap) $62.95


        Piccolo Case Cover $53.95






          Powell Leather Case Cover: $125

          Beautiful velvet interior!




Valentino Hardwood Flute Case for B Foot: $170





Professional French Flute Cases from $230 depending on the maker. Powell cases are $275







Bo Pep Thumb Guide: $13.50





      Thumb ports  $19.95







Alto Flute Method Book by Christine Potter:          $24.95     







OCB Pad Paper, no gum: Save yourself from the embarassment of going to the smoke shop!           $3.00