The Original Flute Flag

These hard to coome by swabs are the originals, made by Roger Holman the "Flag Dude" out of San Diego. 

We sell these at a great price a bit less than Retail. They last for years and when assembled go all the way up to the top of the headjoint with the flute still assembled. Swab your flute during practice or performance with these.

Flute Flags Take down: $ 40.00       Handles are now Black and we stock black,purple, and navy swab ends. 



The Original Piccolo Flag


Take Down Piccolo Flag: $35.00

Comes apart to fit in your case. These are the best! 


Valentino Flute Wand: $33.50


Comes in variety of colors. Blue, Purple, Green, Black. 


This wand reaches the silver cork stopper and the hard to reach top of the inside of the headjoint.





BG Silk Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (large): $25.00


The very best microfiber cloth with bamboo that lasts for years. 



 Custom Microfiber Cleaning / Polishing Cloth


- Microfiber cloth pre-treated with non-abrasive polishing compound. Very effective wiping cloth. $10






100% Silk Piccolo Cleaning Swab: $6.50

Silver Polishing Mitt


Tarinsh removing material that cleans and polishes.




Powell's Patented Silver finger plugs. $44.00


Fits 2 sizes-Custom, Conservatory and Signature Powell standard size

and Sonaré: larger size.

(can fit in some other brands)

The Sterling Silver top looks beautiful and the back of the plug is metal-enhancing the repsonse and sound.






 Wood Flute Cleaning Rod: $13.00



        Cavallaro French Flute Case

        Cover with Strap $79.95



        Cavallaro French Flute Case

        Cover (no strap) $62.95


        Piccolo Case Cover $55.95






          Powell Leather Case Cover: $125

          Beautiful velvet interior!

Cherry Hardwood Flute Case for B Foot: $180





Professional French Flute Cases from $230 depending on the maker. Powell cases are $275


Hercules Alto Flute Stand: Bag included $41.99


2 more peg options for a C flute and Piccolo

folds up for travel


Hercules Flute Stand: Bag included $35.99


Folds up for travel

Hercules Flute (2) and Piccolo Stand

includes bag  


Folds up for travel




Hercules Piccolo Peg $14.95


Hercules Flute Peg $17.95



Bo Pep Thumb Guide: $14.50 (Shown in photo)




Bo Pep Finger Saddle: $14.50

Bo Pep Finger Rest      $14.50





      Thumb ports  $21.95







Alto Flute Method Book by Christine Potter:          $24.95     

Trevor Wye Practice Book- book 1 Tone




Great book for tone develepment used by teachers all over the world. We've found this to be a great addition to a new flute purchase if you don't already have one!

A Modern Guide to Fingerings For The Flute

James Pellerite







OCB Pad Paper, no gum: Save yourself from the embarassment of going to the smoke shop!           $4.75