All Azumi Flutes feature an Altus Professional .925 Sterling Silver Z-Cut headjoint, Altus-Bennett scale, wide rib construction, and open hole, silver-plated keywork. Each model includes a B-foot, gizmo key, French style pointed key arms, stainless steel springs, and a French case and cover.


AZ1- Silver Plated Body, Altus HJ: Sterling Silver Lip Plate and Riser    
AZ1RB Inline or Offset G $1,279
AZ1RBEO Offset G, Split E $1,369
AZ2- Silver Plated Body, Sterling Silver Altus Headjoint    
AZ2SRB Inline or Offset G $1,619
AZ2SRBEO Offset G, Split E $1,709  
AZ3- Sterling Silver Body, Sterling Silver Altus Headjoint    
AZ3SRB Inline or Offset G $2,359
AZ3SRBEO Offset G, Split E $2,449
AZ3SRB-C Inline or Offset G, C# trill key $2,799
AZ3SRBEO-C Offset G, Split E, C# trill $2,899