Grenadilla wood body, Solid Silver tenon & endrings, A = 442, Gold springs, Silver-plated key, Split-E mechanism, Burkart scale.


Choice of Grenadilla headjoint (2 styles) with Solid Silver fitting

Also available: Sterling Silver headjoint.


Includes: Case, Case cover, Swab stick, External wiping cloth


Resona Piccolo model with Grenadilla Wood


Wave style headjoint




Burkart Professional model Piccolo  made with aged African grenadilla wood, sterling silver mechanism. Tone holes are designed for ease of play. Ergonomic key work: a slightly offset G finger button and G# key designed to reduce left hand strain. The Burkart sound characteristic delivers a full, flute-like sound for which it is heralded. And players will enjoy how easily they can produce the high register and the resonance and articulation of the low register.

Gold springs, Split E is optional    Cost: $4,450  With Split E key: $4,650