Handmade Custom Flutes

Flutes are handmade to exacting specifications by Powell's skilled artisans.  They are available in a variety of precious metals and options of your choice.

All handmade custom flutes are crafted with pinless mechanism and feature Straubinger Pads.


Pricing is given for flutes with B Foot.  Please let us know if you prefer a C Foot. 

Sterling Silver body and mechanism with soldered tone holes   $13,570
Aurumite 14K body, Sterling mechanism with soldered tone holes            $15,430
Ruby Aurumite (14K Gold on the outside), Sterling Silver Mechanism, Soldered Tone holes   $18,530
*Below pricing is for soldered tone holes and sterling mechanisms*    
9k Rose Gold   $22,870
10k Yellow Gold   $23,200
14k Rose or White Gold   $27,030
19.5k Rose Gold   $39,100
Platinum   $41,580
Grenadilla Wood    $13,600

Flute Options

Handmade Custom Flutes are available with silver or gold mechanism and many custom key options.


Tubing Thickness .014 (thin), .016 (meduim), .018 (thick) no charge  
Powell Pinless Mechanism no charge  
G keys:  offset or in-line no charge  
C# trill $780 silver    $1,820 gold
D# roller $230 silver $330 gold
Split E $780 silver $1,820 gold
G Disc $80  

10K gold tone holes    

     (10K body only)

10K crown, rings   $780

14K tone holes

     (14K body only)


14K tone holes, posts, ribs, rings

     (Aurumite only)

Key engraving $2,500  
Embouchure plate engraving $300-500  
Piccolo Split E $520 silver $630 gold
Pitch (A-440, A-442, A-444) no charge  
Headjoints and options    
Handmade Custom Sterling Silver   $1,470
Handmade Custom 14K Aurumite   $2,480
Handmade Custom Ruby Aurumite   $3,820
14K embouchure   $1,360
14K wall   $680
Platinum wall   $1,560
Wings: added to above headjoint price              $310 silver $630 gold

 Call for pricing on gold headjoints


Handmade Conservatory Flutes    
Sterling Silver body (.016 and .018 tubing available)   $8,420
Aurumite 9K (.016 tubing)   $11,250
     Add split E $780  
     Add C# trill $780  

The Aurumite 9K body has an exterior of 9K rose gold and an interior of sterling silver.  All Handmade Conservatory flues are made of .016" tubing, and have 10K gold springs, drawn tone holes, A-442 or A-444 pitch, in line or offset G, Straubinger pads, Powell pinless mechanism, G disc, leather case cover and choice of Handmade Custom headjoint.




Signature Flutes


Sterling Silver body and mechanism


     Add split E


     Add C# trill


     Add 14K wall


All Signature flutes are made of sterling silver with .016" tubing, 10K gold springs, drawn tone holes, A-442 pitch, in line or offset G, Straubinger pads, French cups, G disc (unless Split E is ordered) French Style case, leather case cover and Signature II handcut headjoint.