Services and Fees:


Ellen has been doing woodwind repairs since 1989 and is Straubinger Certified (1995) Completed Vermont Flute Guild Overhaul & Mechanical Certificate 1996 and has continued to train with David Straubinger, Steven Finley and every customer whose individual unique playing needs are also a learning experience!

The demand for repair is great. Please plan ahead for repairs before important performances/auditions to avoid emergency rates. We are currently looking for an experienced Certified repair tech but until then, we have long wait times.


Rental instruments are available while yours is in for repair. Check Rental tab for rates.


Flute Clean, Oil, and Adjust (COA)


Recommended yearly for Custom professional models and 1-2 years for intermediate flutes. Complete disassembly, mechanism cleaned/oiled and fittings checked. Body and head cleaned, body is hand polished which preserves the finish and protects from tarnish which helps your pads last longer. tuning cork checked and replaced at extra charge.  Pads adjusted for leaks and replaced if needed (extra cost). The mechanism is regulated and play tested. Tenons are checked for fit. One month adjustment warranty.

Approximately one week to complete.


  • From $375.00      Pads and head cork cost extra. 





The same as full COA minus the polishing and full mechanism dis-assembly.This is a perfect service for intermediate flutes as their key work tolerances aren't as close and will go longer without becoming sluggish. The body is cleaned in an ultra-sonic cleaner and dipped in precious metal cleaner/tarnish remover. Cost depends on the number of pads needing replaced and pad shimming time. Approximately one week to complete


From $250


Flute Overhaul (OH)


A COA is performed, key fit is adjusted, solderjoints checked, tenons fit. All is hand polished. ( Dents and cosmetic repairs are extra) Pads are replaced. Tuning cork, pads, key felts and corks are replaced.  Thoroughly play tested. 3 month adjustment warranty. Approximately 3 weeks to complete.


  • From $1,295  plus cost of Straubinger pads and parts.


Piccolo Clean, Oil, and Adjust ( COA) 


Completely disassembled, mechanism cleaned and oiled and fittings checked. Body and head cleaned and wood conditioned. (oiled with organic proprietary bore oil) Pads are adjusted and replaced as needed. ( extra cost) Thoroughly adjusted and play tested. Approximately one week to complete.


  • From $295 

Due to time constraints we are no longer offering overhauls on Piccolos.


Labor Rate:

  • $90 per hour
  • $45 minimum
  • $120 Emergency rate (no warranty on emergency work)