Sale Instruments

These instruments are all new, but may have a spot of tarnish or a tiny blemish here or there. They have been marked down to give someone a great opportunity to buy a new flute or head at a great price, and to make room for new inventory. They all come in new cases with a case cover, swab, wiping cloth and cleaning rod. The head joints each come in a Miyazawa box specially designed to hold the head and protect from damage.


These instruments come with their full manufacturer warranty, and our in-house adjustment warranty. All are in excellent adjustment!


Please contact us to take one out on trial! 

Trevor James Cantabile Intermediate flute with Sterling silver head, silver-plated body and keys, B foot, open holes, pointed tonearms, and offset G.This is a very popular flute at a great price. It plays with a great tone and is very reliable.  


Retail price: $1,595     Sale price: $1,295



Powell Signature Flute.016 sterling silver body & mechanism

Signature II head with14k riser,10k gold springs,C# trill, offset G, and B foot. 


Retail price:$7,890     Sale: $6,990

















Trevor James Virtuoso

Sterling silver head joint, sterling silver body, silver plated keys, B foot, open holes, pointed tone arms, C# trill, Split E mechanism. Beautiful warm tone and easy to play!


Retail price: $2,975      Sale price: $2,650

Miyazawa MZ7 headjoint  958 sterling silver head joint 015 tubing, very responsive head. Upgrade your flute for much less cost than a new instrument! 


Retail price: $1,650    Sale price: $1,050

Miyazawa MZ9 headjoint 958 sterling silver 015 head joint. This head plays with a little more resistance than the MZ7 and with a warmer tone. The upper octaves are easy to control and to play softly. 


Retail price: $1,650     Sale price: $1,050

Miyazawa MZ10 headjoint 958 sterling silver 015 head joint with a 14k riser  

The MZ10 are still in production and are also sold with the Miyazawa 102 flutes. This head will take a large air flow and can be played at a high volume without cracking notes. The gold riser adds warmth and depth to the tone color and also can be played at louder volumes and hold the tone without losing quality. This is still a popular option for Miyazawa flutes and can upgrade your flute as well.


Retail price: $2,400      Sale price: $1,995