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Used Powell Custom Silver Model# 5973   Soldered tone holes, In line G, B Foot, C# Trill key, D# Roller, Pointed French Key Arms, 14K Gold Lip Plate and Riser. A=442 Cooper Scale.

014 tubing. This flute is in excellent condition and is a beautiful ringing instrument with wonderful projection and sound.cost new is over $16,000. This is a great value at $8,000

Used Haynes Custom Flute Model #28477 .014 tubing, soldered tone holes, in line G, C Foot. Made in 1959,original headjoint. Very good condition. Beautiful tone! $4,195

Used Powell Custom Model# 1878   Soldered tone holes, In line G, B Foot, Pointed French Key Arms, Traditional Silver Head. A=442

.014 tubing. This flute was made by Verne Powell and played in the Denver Symphony by Elaine Lenicheck $7,200

Powell Conservatory A9

Handmade Conservatory Aurumite 9k flute body and head - exterior 9k rose gold and interior of sterling sliver. Made in 2012. Drawn tone holes, offset G, B foot, C# trill, Powell pinless mechanism, G disc, soloist headjoint. Mint condition, just serviced. $9,600

Yamaha YPC32 Piccolo

A great general use plastic piccolo for any performance situation. Very popular with students as well as doublers. The body is made of sturdy, maintenance-free ABS resin for a sound similar to that of natural wood. $450

Zentner Piccolo: In very good condition, and just serviced.Grenadilla wood and silver keys. This piccolo wasnt played continuously and not at all for a period of time. The mechanism is tight, key work is in great condition. It plays with a lovely tone and ease of control. The wood grain is tight and in great condition both in the bore of the body and the head. One of Zentner's finer instruments! #1343 Price $1,900    Photo soon!

Used Yamaha Alto Flute Gold/Brass Alloy

Model#YFL - A421411 

Curved head only, sterling silver lip plate and riser. Silver plated mechanism. Drawn tone holes, pointed key arms. In excellent condition. $5,200


Drelinger Karritium Max HJ w/14k air reed #2358 $2,000.

Burkart M2 14k Riser .998 Silver Tube $1,995.