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Used Powell Custom Silver Model# 5973   Soldered tone holes, In line G, B Foot, C# Trill key, D# Roller, Pointed French Key Arms, 14K Gold Lip Plate and Riser. A=442 Cooper Scale.

014 tubing. This flute is in excellent condition and is a beautiful ringing instrument with wonderful projection and sound.cost new is over $16,000. This is a great value at $8,000

Used Miyazawa Classic HW Model flute #75520

Made in 2000, heavy wall, all sterling silver. Offset g, C# trill, c foot (can be purchased with the b foot for sale on here below) 

This flute today is called the Vision model which sells for over $10,000

This flute has just been serviced with full COA and comes with the responsive MZ6 headjoint in all silver.

THis is an excellent flute for an advanced player or serious student of flute. Straubinger pads and the amazing Miyazawa mechanism make for a very easy to play flute. Being heavy wall gives a more powerful and rich tone.



Used Haynes Custom Flute Model #28477 .014 tubing, soldered tone holes, in line G, C Foot. Made in 1959,original headjoint. Very good condition. Beautiful tone! $4,195

Used Miyazawa PB102 Flute- A partial Brogger key system, partial pinless. Off set g, open hole, B foot, MZ9 headjoint 925 silver lip and riser. In very good condition, just serviced and well maintained. This handmade pre-professional flute plays well above the pricing and is a very good price. A very responsive flute with excellent sound quality. These cost $2,995 new and this one plays as well as a new one! A great deal at $2,300

Used Powell Custom Model# 1878 Beautiful,vintage handmade custom flute. Soldered tone holes,sterling silver keys, In line G, B Foot, Pointed French Key Arms, Classic style silver Head. A=440, 014 tubing.

 This flute was made by Verne Powell in 1958 for Elaine Lenicheck who played it in the Denver Symphony. She kept the flute well maintained by Ken Davenport of Denver, Ellen Ramsey and Powell flutes. And it was just completely overhauled by Powell Flutes and plays beautifully! cost new is $13,980           $7,200

Used Custom Powell silver flute #10864 

Soldered tone holes, inline g, b foot, Straubinger pads, C# trill, D# roller. Philharmonic head #14683 all silver. Just overhauled in 2017 in Excellent condition in newer case. $9,000 (cost new $14,990) 

Used Powell Conservatory A9

Handmade Conservatory Aurumite 9k flute body and head - exterior 9k rose gold and interior of sterling sliver. Made in late 2011. Drawn tone holes, offset G, B foot, C# trill, Powell pinless mechanism, G disc, soloist headjoint.This flute was only played for less than 2 years. This is a great deal in like new, mint condition,and was just serviced. New cost for these flutes is almost $13,000   $9,600

Yamaha YPC32 Piccolo

A great general use plastic piccolo for any performance situation. Very popular with students as well as doublers. The body is made of sturdy, maintenance-free ABS resin for a sound similar to that of natural wood.This piccolo plays easily and would meet any marching band/concert band piccolo player's needs. Its priced about 1/2 of a new piccolo and is a very good deal.  $450   SOLD!

Used Miyzawa Footjoint alone HW402 will fit all HW Miyazawas if you happen to own a cft-upgrade to a B foot!

B foot with D# roller. New: $2,100. On sale: $995 

Used Pearl Flute Model PF-765 

Sterling silver head, silver plated body and keys. open hole, Pinless mechanism, split E, B Foot. All new pads and plays great. 


In very good condition, no dents, all new pads.





Zentner Piccolo: In very good condition, and just serviced.Grenadilla wood and silver keys. This piccolo wasnt played continuously and not at all for a period of time. The mechanism is tight, key work is in great condition. It plays with a lovely tone and ease of control. The wood grain is tight and in great condition both in the bore of the body and the head. One of Zentner's finer instruments! #1343 Price $1,900    

Used Yamaha Alto Flute Gold/Brass Alloy

Model#YFL - A421411 

Curved head only, sterling silver lip plate and riser. Silver plated mechanism. Drawn tone holes, pointed key arms. In excellent condition. $5,200


14K Aurumite Powell Headjoint with 14K Gold Lip plate #13080

This head is a beautiful headjoint made by the finest head maker at Powell in 2011. Its the Philharmonic cut which projects well and is well balanced with a beautiful tone. The outside is sterling silver and the inside is 14K rose gold with a 14K gold lip plate and riser. Its sized to fit 014 body and would be a wonderful upgrade to any flute. We can size it to fit most flutes.

$2,900 price. (new cost is almost $3,970)

Drelinger Karritium Max HJ w/14k air reed #2358 $2,000.