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Instrument Care Accessories

Beaumont Bamboo Flute Swab: $9.99


Highly absorbent, lint-free bamboo. Slylishly designed and machine washable. 25cmX25cm. 


Available in Violet Lace or Indigo Shoots



Beaumont Small Polishing Cloth: $8.99


Soft and smooth: ideal for polishing delicate surfaces and stylishly designed. Machine washable 25 cm X 25 cm 


Available in Giraffe, Concert Noir, Damson Lace, Ladybird, or Blue Polka Dot




Valentino Flute Wand: $33.50   Sold


Comes in variety of colors. Blue, Purple, Green, Black. 


This wand reaches the silver cork stopper and the hard to reach top of the inside of the headjoint.

Valentino Piccolo Wand- $33.50    Sold

Swab your piccolo head without taking apart.It comes apart to easily store in case cover.






The Original Flute Flag

These hard to coome by swabs are the originals, made by Roger Holman the "Flag Dude" out of San Diego. 

We sell these at a great price a bit less than Retail. They last for years and when assembled go all the way up to the top of the headjoint with the flute still assembled. Swab your flute during practice or performance with these.

Flute Flags Take down: $ 50.00     SOLD



The Original Piccolo Flag     SOLD


Take Down Piccolo Flag: $40.00

Comes apart to fit in your case. These are the best! 


Out of stock


Flute Snake:   $12.95    $5.00


Comes in a variety of colors and is machine washable. Put it over your cleaning rod and insert into the flute bore to swab moisture. 


Piccolo Snake: $12.95     $5.00


machine washable fiber cloth that goes over your cleaning rod to efficiently swab the bore of your piccolo





BG Silk Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (large): $17.95   Sale Price $12.50


The very best microfiber cloth with bamboo that lasts for years. 




OCB Pad Paper, no gum: Save yourself from the embarassment of going to the smoke shop!           $4.75     $2.00

Dr Slick cork grease 


The best cork grease! Use it on piccolo cork or clarinet, bass flute tenon cork. It actually smells good-its made with expensive plant derived oils and waxes that lubricate well and isnt sticky or greasy like petroleum cork grease. Contains slippery elm bark.

Comes in tube : $3.65

or 7.5 gram TUB $4.40    SOLD






Hodge brand 100% Silk Piccolo Swab:


$6.50     $4.00 or free with a piccolo


Comes in a variety of colors

Gem 100% Silk Flute Swab


Comes in black, red, green, blue and purple.

2 layers for great absorbancy.


Hand wash. long lasting


$12.00       $6.00 or free with a flute





               Wood Flute Cleaning Rod: $13.00



Custom Microfiber Cleaning / Polishing Cloth


Microfiber cloth pre-treated with non-abrasive polishing compound. Very effective wiping cloth. $10      $5.00 and free with and instrument


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