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Original Brögger Flute: Soldered Toneholes

Original Brögger Flute: Drawn Toneholes

Brogger Soldered Tone hole flute-silver 


The Soldered Tonehole Brögger Flute is the cornerstone of the Original Brögger Flute and of all the Brannen-Cooper® Flutes. It has the Brögger Mekanik, signature pinless mechanism, the most highly regarded pinless mechanism on the market today! Flutists immediately notice and appreciate the responsive, smooth action of its keys. The toneholes are individually cut and precision soldered onto the body tubing to ensure maximum depth of sound, projection, and tone colors from the flute.  

We are offering this flute for now, in the 016 wall body tubing. C# trill key and choice of LaFin or Brannen headjoint

 016 silver body, soldered tone holes, C# trill, off set G, B foot  Price body alone: $13,520

In stock   Call for discount pricing   



The Drawn Tonehole Brögger Flute is the *NEWEST* Brannen-Cooper® Flute. It also has the Brögger Mekanik signature pinless mechanism, the most highly regarded pinless mechanism.

 The toneholes on this flute are created by drawing up the metal from the body tubing. By offering drawn toneholes, rather than soldered toneholes, which are individually cut and precision soldered onto the body tubing, we save on both labor and materials costs.  As a result, this professional handmade flute is offered at an excellent price with the choices of headjoints to customize your sound.    


 018 silver body, drawn tone holes, C# trill key, off set G, B foot  Price body alone: $9,735  by order only

Sterling Silver Lafin headjoint with 14K gold Adler wings and riser   Price: $3,225    clarity and warmth of sound

Lafin 15% Gold/85% Silver Tube and Sterling silver lip plate with 14K Gold Adler Wings and riser

Price: $3,780   this allow typically provides beauty to the sound

Lafin Sterling silver headjoint with 14K Rose gold lip plate and riser- clarity and warmth of sound are typical    Price: $ 4,075    

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