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                    Le Freque Sound Bridges

Many wonder what these mysterious things can do for you. They are placed on the flute over the barrel where it meets the headjoint/ Bridging the 2 pieces (head and body) in order to aid the overall resonance and projection of the instrument. It makes the vibrations more pronounced and the flute more vibrant! 

I'll be adding the vidoes that explain this well. I invite you to try these and I will take them back if it doesn't do much for you. Ive found that some older flutes that play sort of dull come to life with the LeFreque and speak throughout the octaves more evenly. Newer flute may not do much and you my not wish to keep them. 

These work on the Alto and bass flutes and piccolo. Clarinet and bass clarinet! I'm going to try the on my Buffett clarinets. All winds!


Photos are next! These will be 1/2 off the retail price!!


We will no longer be taking consignment instruments. All instruments (new) are listed onsite.

Financing available! For more information click here.


*Our instruments are fine tuned and adjusted with fine attention to detail to maximize their performance and playability. 

My instruments are known for how great they play!

*The shop (an amazing space located in our home) is a great acoustical space in which to play and is easily accessible from I25.* Trials are by shipping at this time.


Custom Models still in stock.  All headjoints and each flute and their prices are posted.


There are Lafin headjoints, Powell, Miyazawa, and Haynes remaining. 

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