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Handmade custom silver Haynes: made in 2011, 018 tubing, soldered tone holes, C# trill, off set g, B foot.  Silver Haynes P, headjoint with 14K gold riser. Just serviced full COA   In excellent condition- Priced at $10,000 with this headjoint-or choose Haynes silver head with 18K white gold riser also available for sale with the flute for total $10,160 or separately for $1,660 

Used Straubinger Flute 286

Pre-owned custom silver flute made by David Straubinger fine flute maker and inventer of revolutionary pads. 016 sterling silver body and mechanism. Soldered tone holes, half off set G key, and B foot. Sterling silver headjoint/14K gold riser and 14K gold crown with gold cork stopper. All adding to richness of tone and clean articulation This flute is in excellent condition and just serviced with COA by Ellen. This is beautiful custom made flute that would cost over $14,000 new. They are rare to find for sale pre-owned.    Sale Price $9,900 



Used Haynes Q1 #4947

This flute was only played a handful of times as a professional flutist's backup instrument. It is in mint condition and is virtually new!  The Q-1 flute has silver-plated body tubing, drawn toneholes, and the sterling silver Haynes Classic headjoint. This model is inline G, open hole and B foot joint. 

Buy this great flute and we will also give you a warranty on adjustments like we do our new instruments. 

Cost new: $3,450

Sale Price: $2,850

Used Haynes Custom Flute Model #28477

.014 tubing, soldered tone holes, in line G, C Foot. Made in 1959 with the original headjoint. This flute has a rich, dark Haynes sound and is in very good condition.



New price: $3,400

Used Brannen Custom Piccolo Grenadilla wood, sterling silver keys, white gold springs


Made in 1979 by Jim Keefe. Played by a professional flutist, one owner. Maintained by Brannen/Keefe and is in excellent condition.  Little to no wear in mechanism. Cork pads on water line (back side) fresh pads on mainline and was serviced recently at Keefe Piccolos.

It has excellent response and tone. Brannen piccolos sold it's production equipment to their former maker Jim Keefe whose piccolos are world renowned and highly sought after. There is a long wait for new ones.

Brannen piccolos like this one are rare to find for sale anywhere.

$5,900      $4,900

Gemeinhardt Alto Flute Serial#A2270  Sterling silver head and body, silver plated ergonomic keys. Overhauled recently and it was just serviced in our shop. This alto flute plays with a good scale and excellent tone in all 3 octaves. sale price: $1,450 

<Gemeinhardt piccolo #88928  Composite head and body, silver plated keys. This is a good piccolo for marching band at a good price. Just serviced to good playing condition. Clean and oiled mechanism

Price: $400         Comparable new piccolos are $900

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Arista Silver Headjoint  # 664

SIzed to fit .016, Sterling silver

in very good condition 



This head was played on the Powell Custom flute #10864  listed above and will be priced in half if sold with the Powell flute.



Drelinger Karritium headjoint with engraved "no-slip" headjoint, sized to fit 014 tubing and above. comes with drelinger case


price: $1,900 


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